2023 Confessional Lutheran Homeschool League Conference

May 20, 2023

Join us for a day of
 liturgy, laughter and learning.  
8:30am - Registration
9:00am Matins
Keynote - Rev. David Buchs
Presentation -Gayl Siegel
Presentation -Kathryn Feldt
Keynote -Rev. David Buchs
3:30pm - Suffrages

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The Confessional Lutheran Homeschool League is dedicated to supporting current homeschoolers, equipping future homeschoolers and encouraging those considering homeschooling from a confessional Lutheran perspective.

Moving to Solid Ground

The world and its experts will gladly tell you what to do. With enough lists and standards and metrics to keep you busy for a lifetime, how do Christians break free from the shifting sand of worldly expectations? God's Word teaches us how to measure true success in homeschooling.

Staying on Solid Ground

It is one thing to have a good foundation, and it is another to build your house on it. How do we teach our children to continue building on the foundation of God's Word? One of the keys is teaching them not only to do what is good, but to love what is good.


Homeschooling with Christ as the Firm Foundation


Keynote Speaker

Rev. David Buchs

Pastor, Concordia Lutheran, Fairmont MN
Registration deadline is May 13th.
There is no fee for this event
MAY 20, 2023
Holy Cross Lutheran Church
1100 Market St, Carlisle, Iowa
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Ceci Johnson
Limited Childcare Provided
Lunch and Snacks Provided

sponsored by

Holy Cross Lutheran Church, LCMS
Holy Cross is a member congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in the Iowa West District. We invite you to join us for Christ-centered Divine Service of God's Word and Sacrament, using the historic liturgy of the Christian faith.

About Rev. Buchs

The Rev. David Buchs is the pastor of Concordia Lutheran Church in Fairhaven, MN. He and his wife, Jessica, have 6 children: Nathaniel, Theodore, Matthias, Judah, Renata, and Tobias, whom they homeschool. A graduate of Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN (’14), Pastor Buchs has been serving Concordia-Fairhaven since the fall of 2019. He and the congregation have worked together to emphasize the spiritual and general education of children as a priority of the church’s mission. This has led to a strong effort in home catechesis and the formation of a homeschool co-op that serves families in the community. Pastor Buchs and his family spend much of their spare time together raising livestock, lifting kettlebells, and reading aloud.

Pastor of
Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Rev. Kevin Johnson Mdiv

Rev. Kevin Johnson was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa where he met his wife Ceci in German class.  After serving in the United States Marine Corps and graduating with a degree in architecture from Iowa State University, he attended Concordia Seminary, St. Louis until being called to be pastor at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Carlisle, Iowa in 2004.  Along with Ceci, Pastor Johnson has been blessed to be able to use his experiences as a veteran, architect and pastor to teach his own children, as well as other youth in the congregation’s homeschool co-op.  Both Pastor Johnson and Ceci are overjoyed to say that homeschooling was a blessing to their family and their two daughters have grown into exceptional young Christian women.


Worldview Windows

Worldview Windows: Teaching the Classics in your Homeschool
One of the ways in which we can give our children a solid foundation in the Christian worldview is through literature. Yet much of contemporary children’s reading selections range from the infantile to the morally inappropriate. Such offerings often portray a worldview in conflict not only with our values derived from Scripture, but also with the real world. Classical literature not only includes gripping adventures and deeply moving stories, but it also reflects the true worldview. The literary classics have formed the basis for our western civilization and are well regarded in the teaching of both character and culture. Yet are we really going to read “Moby Dick” or “Les Misérables” to our grade schoolers? But if we wait until high school, how will they have the time or patience to read the plethora of works available? Learn how to introduce the classics at a young age and instill a love of reading and learning through time-tested literature.

Gayl Siegel

Gayl Siegel is a mother and the wife of a retired pastor. She and her husband, Jeff, have one daughter, Helen, who is in the fourth grade and has been homeschooled since junior kindergarten. Gayl has been a veterinarian and public health officer, and is now a homemaker, home educator, and published author. In addition to teaching her daughter at home, she has taught or tutored several subjects, including Physics, Chemistry, Creation Science, Ornithology, German and Calligraphy.  (Presenter & Panel Member)

Think on These Things

Think on These Things: Perils and Perks of  Technology in Homeschooling
There is no avoiding the pervasive nature of technology and media in today's society.  At every turn we are bombarded with overt and covert messages from the secular world through the essential tools of technology.  Should we become luddites and shun technology, shielding our little ones from the onslaught of secularism? Should we plug our nose and accept the bad baggage attached to the technology we want to use?  How do we, as confessional Lutherans, approach using technology in our homeschooling days?  We will discuss the perils and perks of technology and explore the tools that will help us keep a firm foundation when utilizing technology in our homeschools.

Kathryn Feldt

Kathryn Feldt and her husband of 33 years have 3 children.   She earned her K-12 teaching degree from the University of Kansas and has taught in both public and private schools.  Her first teaching job was in a computer magnet school in Kansas City, Mo, where she developed an interest in integrating technology with education.  She began homeschooling her children when her oldest was in the 4th grade.  Over the past 15 years, she has implemented a variety of technology and media in her teaching, making mistakes and learning along the way.  The Feldts enjoy playing board games, traveling, and making music together.  (Presenter & Panel member)


Panel Topics

Learn about how and why we homeschool from a confessional Lutheran perspective in these informal panel discussions
These family friendly sessions will cover a variety of topics including:

 Teaching Multi-age/Large Families
 Team Teaching and Coops
Debunking Homeschooling Myths
Adapting for Different Learning Styles

There will be time to discuss the topics, share ideas, and ask questions.
Submit a question when you register, and you will be added to the drawings for door prizes.


Melissa Nath

Melissa Nath, along with her husband, Lance, have been homeschooling since 2008. They wanted to provide their children with an individualized education that would allow them to learn at their own pace. They also realized the importance of being able to teach the faith and instill their values in their children without the constant contradiction of a secularized school system. They are coming to an end of this homeschool journey, with only a high school junior still at home. They have graduated two other children. Carter is 24, married, and has his own piano tuning and repair business. Kristina is 21, married, and is a new mom, planning to homeschool in the future. She also does freelance artwork from home. Jakob, who is 18, will be graduating in 2023, and he plans to go on to pre-sem. Melissa’s favorite part of homeschooling has been reading great literature with her children. (Panel Member)

Kristi Palma

Kristi Palma has been married to her husband, Juvenio, since 2008.  Together they have 2 children, Logan (7) and Madison (12) & have homeschooled since 2019.   Juvenio & Kristi were both raised in public school but became more curious about homeschooling after being around multiple Lutheran homeschool families.  After much prayerful consideration, their family took the leap as Madison was pulled out of public school and Kristi left her full-time job.  Juvenio & Kristi both see the wonderful benefits this has had on their family.  They enjoy encouraging other couples who may be considering homeschooling but are afraid to take that final leap. (Panel Member)

Kathy Dee

Kathy Dee is a homeschool mother to five children in middle and elementary school age range.  Kathy is a former public school music teacher, but as soon as their family started growing, she and her husband knew that homeschooling was the path for them.  Teaching reading to each of her children, and watching them learn to love reading, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of learning at home.  Aside from everyday learning, Kathy enjoys teaching music as well as homeschool coop classes.  She also loves getting her children out hiking and exploring, and spending many hours with them at the library.   (Panel Member)

Kristina Helfert

Kristina Helfert is a homeschool graduate and the daughter of Lance and Melissa Nath. She and her husband, Tyler, have a toddler son and are making plans to homeschool once that time comes. Kristina quit her retail job to become a stay-at-home mother and freelance artist. Whether she is painting iconography for church, illustrating children’s books, or teaching art to the homeschool kids she is always eager to continue learning. She feels that homeschooling gave her the tools for learning that have helped her become successful. While being homeschooled her favorite subjects were Latin, logic, and literature.   (Panel Member)

Christina Williamson

Christina Williamson and her husband Josh have been traveling the world and homeschooling their children along the way.   Currently they are living in Des Moines and hope to stay a while. Christina always knew that being a mother and homemaker was what she was meant to be.  Homeschooling just seemed like the natural choice for their lifestyle.  In addition to teaching her children, she enjoys tinkering with photography, baking, reading and taking field trips with her family and homeschool co-op.
(Panel Member)

Ceci Johnson

Ceci Johnson and her husband Kevin homeschooled their daughters, Sarah (Lutheran schools K-3) and Bekah.  At some point they realized having their children home with them would be beneficial to a pastor’s family where Dad is busy on weeknights, weekends, and holidays. It also gave them the opportunity to raise their children with their Christian values. Both girls have gone on to successful college experiences.  As an English major, Ceci especially enjoyed teaching language arts and she continues to teach creative writing, Shakespeare, public speaking, and art appreciation for our homeschool coop.  (Panel Member)



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Wittenburg Academy – http://wittenbergacademy.org
Luther Classical College – http://www.lutherclassical.org
Homeschool Iowa - https://homeschooliowa.org/
Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education - https://www.ccle.org/

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Lutheran Homeschool Marketplace & Press - https://www.lutheranhomeschool.com/

This is a family friendly event
Spouses and children are encouraged to attend
We will be offering limited childcare for this event
No Childcare for panels and church services
Families will be responsible for bathroom visits and diaper changes.
Be sure to indicate childcare needs on your registration form
Please provide cell phone information to improve communication for childcare staff



Hotels near Carlisle, Iowa
For Lutheran Homeschool Conference, May 2022
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Best Western Plus Altoona Inn
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Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Altoona
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Hotel Pommier, Indianola
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Ramada Hotel Airport Des Moines
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Sleep Inn & Suites Pleasant Hill
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Help our panelist prepare by submitting questions in advance.  For each question submitted, your name will be added to our door prize drawings.

things to do

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History Museum Many floors of interactive history!
Balloon Museum Hot Air Balloon museum (kids free)
Art Center Lovely art gallery with outdoor art too
State Capitol Visit the beautiful capitol of Iowa
Neil Smith Wildlife Refuge
Papa John’s Sculpture Park Outdoor sculpture garden
Iowa Hall of Pride:  (k-12 Iowa kids free adults $10)
Hall of Laurates 

$10 and under
Salisbury House Amazing historical mansion
Botanical Garden Indoor garden filled with unique plants
Jordan House   (must call in advance)

Science Center
Blank Park Zoo
Living History Farms
So Much More:
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