Sunday Morning Bible Study: Gospel of St. Matthew

Sunday Morning Bible Study examining St. Matthew's Gospel and his account of Jesus live, death, and ressurection.

Bible Study 5/30/2021: Divine Service, Part 1
May 30, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson
Bible Study 5/23/2021: Matthew 24:45-51 & John 21
May 23, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson    No One Knows That Day and Hour,Matthew 24:45-51,Jesus and Peter,Jesus appears to Seven Disciples,John 21:1-14,John 21:15-19,Feed my lambs, feed my sheep,adiaphora
Bible Study 5/9/2021: Matthew 24:29-44
May 9, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson    The Coming of the Son of Man, Matthew 24:29-35,No One Knows That Day and Hour,Matthew 24:36-44, Genesis 6:1-8 (ends near 14:28),Increasing Corruption on Earth, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18,The Coming of the Lord
Bible Study 5/2/2021 - Rite of Confirmation
May 2, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson    Lutheran,Christianity,LCMS,Bible Study,Confirmation,Rite of Confirmation,2 Timothy 3,4; Baptism
Bible Study 4/25/2021 - Matthew 24:15-31
Apr 25, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson    LCMS,Bible Study,Lutheran,Christianity,Confessional,Realized eschatology,Eschatology,Millennialism, Commission on Theology and Church Relations,LCMS,pre-millennial dispensationalism, end times,The Abomination of Desolation,Matthew 24:15-28,The Coming of the Son of Man,Matthew 24:29-31
Bible Study 4/18/2021 - Matthew 24:9-14
Apr 18, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson    Nature of Christ, means of grace,Spiritual, but not religious,Theosis,False Preachers,Proper Spirituality,Signs of the End of the Age,Mathew 24:9-14,Law,lawlessnes,way of the world
Bible Study 4/11/2021 - Matthew 24:3-28
Apr 11, 2021    Rev. Kevin Johnson    Signs of the End of the Age,Matthew 24:3-14,The Abomination of Desolation,Matthew 24:15-28,End of the Age,warning against false teachers, warning against false teaching