Church History

The Beginning: Before 1964

Early in 1961

Pastor Arthur Bliese, who served congregations at Melcher and Lacona, Iowa, at the requests of Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Maitre asked the District Mission Board to consider the possibility of establishing a church in Carlisle.

Summer of 1961

The Maitres prevailed upon Pastor E. A. Briholz, who was serving Mt. Calvary (Indianola) at the time, to write the District Mission Board to repeat the request of Pasor Bliese. Mrs. Maitre also wrote the district.

October 1961

Rev. Herman J. Witzfall of Ft. Dodge, chariman of the Distriction Mission Board, visited Carlisle to survey the area. A short time later, Rev. Ellis Nieting, District and Missions and Stewardship Counselor, joined him in a further survey of the area.

February 2, 1962

The Maitres host Rev. Jerrold Swanson, pastor of Hope Lutheran Church in Des Moines, IA (appointed by the District Mission Board to explore the Carlisle area) and a group of individuals interested in establishing a Lutheran Church in Carlisle.

MarCh 11, 1962

Community canvas conducted. Seventeen familes expressed an interest in a Lutheran Church. Twenty-seven individuals were actively working as the nucleus.

September 1962

A 4 1/2 acre site at the intersection of Highway 60 & Market Street was purchased for $18,000 In 2021, that's $162,717 after adjusting for inflation.
Rev. Herbert E Borchelt

January 27, 1963

In a service at Peace Lutheran in Des Moines, IA; Rev. Herbert E Borchelt is installed as a missionary-at-large for the Carlisle-Hartford-Avon Lake area.

March 10, 1963

First service is held at Carlisle's American Legion Hall with 119 present. 43 children were present for Sunday School held in offices at Garfield Plaza Building.

June 18, 1963

Ground breaking service was held for the new church building. Construction began shortly there after.

October 5-6, 1963

Saturday, Pastor and family move in to the new $18,000 parsonage at 1040 Market Street.
Following worship services that weekend, the communicant members meet and adopted the congregation's present  constitution.

October 20, 1963

Cornerstone is laid in a special the rain.

December 22, 1963

Services are held in the new church building for the first time.

January 5, 1964

Charter Member Sunday.

January 19, 1964

Holy Cross hold's it the dedication services for the original building. At the time, the Baptized member ship was 150, communicant membership: 74; Sunday School enrollment: 76; Bible Class enrollment: 23.


Rev. Robert G. Bailey


Robert G. Bailey began his pastorate of Holy Cross which continued for just over 3 years
Rev. Robert J. Backhus


Robert J. Backhus started serving his 2 1/2 years as pastor in Carlisle.
Rev. Ronald W. Weidler


Ronald W. Weidler began serving as pastor. He ministered at Holy Cross for almost 4 years.

1980 - 1989

Rev. William (Bill) C. Schroeder


Rev. William (Bill) C. Schroeder began his 2 years of ministry in Carlisle as pastor.
Rev. Carl R Gausman


Rev. Carl R Gausman was installed to begin 4 years of pastoral ministry at Holy Cross
Rev. Stephen P. Oliver


Rev. Stephen P. Oliver was ordained at Holy Cross to begin serving as the seventh resident pastor shepherding Holy Cross. He would remain for about 4 years. Currently, he serves as an LCMS missionary to Tawain and the Asia region (click here to learn more).


Holy Cross celebrates its 25th Anniversary.


Pastor John Meyer


Pastor John Meyer shepherded our flock from 1991 to 2002. He went on to serve as a chaplain in the US Military.


Rev. Kevin Johnson


Pastor Kevin Johnson serves as Vicar.


Pastor Johnson installed as Pastor at Holy Cross on August 22, 2004.
Pastors attending the installation of Pastor Kevin Johnson in August 2004


New Windows, insulation, and steel siding were added to the parsonage and garage.
Congregation approved plans for future expansion, beginning with the Education wing.
Concept a rendering of all expansion phases, would include a new sanctuary.

2010 - Today

September 13-14, 2013

Holy Cross celebrates its 50th Anniversary.

More to come

This is the current building with the 2011 education wing and narthex addition.

Join us as we continue in the faith passed down through the generations.

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together at 9:00 AM