Next Meeting: August 3rd 9:30am

Holy Cross Ladies Guild

Holy Cross Lutheran Church Ladies Guild Meets on the first Saturday of each month at 9:30 am.  
Each meeting will feature a presentation by Pastor Johnson, a brief business meeting, fellowship time with treats, and a planned activity or presentation.
All ladies of Holy Cross, young and old, are invited to join us for this special time of fellowship, learning, and fun.  


We have many exciting ideas for activities to do together.  Help us plan and implement these events by completing the survey below.  Mark all the things you would be interested in doing.  You are not committing to anything, just helping prioritize our projects.  

There are opportunities to volunteer below.  Mark all that you would enjoy volunteering for.
There is a snack sign up as well.  If you want to help provide and serve treats at one of our meetings, indicate your preferred month. 


If you would like to serve treats for one of our meetings, sign up below.


There are many opportunities to participate in a variety of activities with the Ladies Guild throughout the year. Please indicate how you would like to be involved.