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Altar Guild

These volunteers wash sacrament cups after each Divine Service.  Training will be provided.  Serve for one or two months.


Drivers pick up various members of our congregation who are unable to drive to church on their own. We need drivers for Sunday as well as Mid-Week services and special events

Announcements Editor

Each month, a member volunteers to type up the month's announcements, post them to various locations at the church, and print out copies. (Usually a 2 month commitment.)


A number of people take turns welcoming members and visitors to church Sunday mornings. Greeters are generally scheduled once a month.

Bulletin Boards

Bulletin boards are kept current with recent council minutes, upcoming events, etc. There are bulletin boards for baptisms, new members, general information, missions and stewardship.

Filmer & Live Stream Producer

Sunday and select special services are recorded and streamed from the balcony. This can be done by a single person, but two person teams are highly recommended. These individuals arrive at least 15 minutes in advance of the service.

Calendar Editor

Each month, the church calendar is updated, printed and distributed by a volunteer.

Tech Team & Tech Support

Multiple people help fulfill this roll. It includes monitoring our internet connected electronics, web page design and upkeep, public internet facing resources, etc. (This is supported by Evangelism & Stewardship)
Other jobs are outlined in the member handbook.
  • Mowers
  • Hospitality Groups
  • Snow Removal