January 20th Announcements

JANUARY 21st COUNCIL INSTALLATION & MEETING:  Council officers and board members will be installed on January 21st during Divine Service. Council will also hold monthly meeting after Bible Study.

YOUTH RETREAT:  The annual winter youth retreat originally scheduled for January 12-13 was cancelled due to weather. Pastor Ferguson is supportive of attending as keynote speaker when the event can be rescheduled.

I am happy to announce that Allison Doying has accepted the position of part-time Office Secretary. She will be facilitating communications within the office and online including website,
Facebook, bulletins, calendar, and announcements. Her email is OfficeSecretary@holycrosscarlisle.org. Please join me in welcoming her and support her in this important role!
-Eric Schumacher
HCLC Council President

LUTHERAN SINGLES CRUISE: Set sail on a spiritual adventure with a four-day Lutheran Singles Cruise, departing from Galveston, Texas on August 1st. This journey is designed for connection and fellowship, offering daily devotions, Bible studies, and opportunities to meet like-minded singles. Embrace this chance to deepen your faith, make new friends, and enjoy the beauty of the sea. Learn more at World Wide Wolfmueller.

  • There is no longer a landline at the parsonage. If you need to call Pastor Johnson, please call him on his cell phone 515-721-6675.
  • All Holy Cross families have a mailbox in the entryway. Boxes are for Holy Cross business as well as personal messages/items between members. Please check your mailbox on a regular basis.
  • All Holy Cross families have a church key that opens the church doors on the main floor as well as the basement. It also unlocks the church garage.
  • The last person to leave the church should make sure the church is locked. There is an Allen wrench hanging from the window next to the door for locking and unlocking the doors. Insert the Allen wrench into the hole in the bar in the center of the door; push on the bar and twist the wrench to lock or unlock the door.
  • Please note that the ceiling fans in the sanctuary are to be kept on at all times to help maintain the proper environment for the organ.
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