Siberian Lutheran Update

Now more than ever, Lutherans in Siberia need your prayers and support. Even as international sanctions on Russia continue, the Siberian Lutheran Mission Society’s support of the Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church and its seminary in Novosibirsk remains steadfast. There is no talk of stopping this important work.
Russia needs pastors now, and it will need pastors when the conflict ends. We are committed to standing with our friends in the Siberian Church, helping them carry God’s Word and Sacrament to people in Russia and surrounding areas.
Each day, Lutheran pastors continue to carry God’s Word and Sacrament to people in Russia and neighboring countries. Despite the conflict, the seminary remains open, preparing more pastors for God’s work in the area. Conducting class at the seminary in is sometimes difficult as professors turn to online means to provide pastoral instruction to students, especially those close to the conflict and others seeking instruction in countries surrounding Russia.
Please pray for those caught in the tangle of war, particularly individuals who have benefited from the pastoral outreach of the Siberian Church and the Lutheran Seminary in Novosibirsk. Your gift to the Siberian Mission Society and the campaign to keep the seminary operating matters now more than ever. Learn more at
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