June 15th Announcements

WEDNESDAY: Reminder that Pastor Johnson will be at a conference this week. There will be no Wednesday Bible study, Vespers, or Table Talk this week.
CALENDAR: The Fellowship Hall is reserved on Tuesday, June 18th at 4:00pm and all day on Saturday, June 22nd.
GARAGE SALE:  Many thanks to everyone who brought donations, helped set up or clean up, or who worked at the church garage sale.  We made over $1,400 which will be used to help purchase a garden shed.
BOARD/GROUP LEADERS: If you are a leader of a board/group, please take a little time to record where your group keeps items. Each storage closet/area has a paper attached with space for you to list your group name and a general idea of items inside. Please check your email or speak to Allison Doying for more information.
SINGLES RETREAT: A singles retreat for Lutherans ages 21-41, from IDW and surrounding areas will be held at IO-DIS-E-CA July 19-21. Cost is $100. Register at faithwinterset.org or contact keithlcms@gmail.com for more information.
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