June 9th Announcements

COOKOUT TODAY: Tonight at 5:30 p.m. at the church shelter house is a cookout.  Bring your own meat to grill and a dish or two to share.
CALENDAR UPDATE: The Fellowship Hall is reserved on Tuesday, June 18th at 4:00pm.

SIGN UPS: Check the narthex for opportunities to donate food for the Youth Retreat or to help run the famous Funnel Cake Stand at the Carlisle 4th of July celebrations. Your help is appreciated!
BOARD/GROUP LEADERS: If you are a leader of a board/group, please take a little time to record where your group keeps items. Each storage closet/area has a paper attached with space for you to list your group name and a general idea of items inside. Please check your email or speak to Allison Doying for more information.
SINGLES RETREAT: A singles retreat for Lutherans ages 21-41, from IDW and surrounding areas will be held at IO-DIS-E-CA July 19-21. Cost is $100. Register at faithwinterset.org or contact keithlcms@gmail.com for more information.

GREENFIELD TORNADO: Update from Rev. Dr. Steven Turner, IDW President: Brothers and Sisters in Christ; Greenfield, Iowa has recently been devastated by a powerful tornado that caused significant damage to homes, infrastructure, and lives. Families have lost their homes, cherished belongings, and, tragically, some have lost loved ones. Thankfully, Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenfield did not sustain damage.
How You Can Help:
1. I would ask each of our congregations to keep our communities in your prayers.
2. We kindly ask for your financial support. Your contribution will go toward emergency supplies, shelter, and long-term recovery efforts. Donate by mail with check payable to Iowa District West with “Disaster Relief Fund” in memo line or online at IowaDistrictWest.org and click on “Donate”. Select the “Disaster Relief” option.
3. There will be organized efforts to provide physical assistance through LERT (Lutheran Early Response Teams). If you are trained or would like to be trained by LERT please go to www.lcms-lert.org
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