May 30 Announcements

To our Holy Cross church family,
The Lord’s blessings to all of you from the Killions! Jennifer, Gracie, Lily, Charlee, and I will be leaving Iowa in June and moving to Decatur, IL, where I will be attending Walther Theological Seminary to pursue my Master of Divinity and become a pastor.
Walther Theological Seminary is an independent Lutheran seminary, located on the grounds of Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Decatur. It is supported by ULMA (United Lutheran Mission Association), and is not affiliated with any synod. ULMA is not a synod itself, but rather a growing fellowship of confessional Lutheran congregations that have come together to create and support mission congregations around the country, to continue the work of growing the Church, preaching the Word in its truth and purity, with all focus on the grace of God, secured for us by our crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ. If you would like more information about the seminary and ULMA, I would be happy to talk with you! You can also visit the websites for both: and
While I, and our family, am excited to embark on this next chapter, it does come with some sadness for the loss of you, our church family. We have not had the amount of time we wish we could have with the congregation here at Holy Cross. We searched for a church for nearly 2 years before finding our church home in Carlisle. We are so grateful to have been a part of this strong, confessional, and faithful group of God’s people, and will miss all of you dearly. I have included my, and Jennifer’s, contact info below, so that we can stay in touch.
We would also like to request that anyone who is able and willing to help us load our moving truck on June 2nd, please let us know. We welcome any help and support that can be provided, and will provide lunch (and Lutheran beverages) for all who are able to help. Thank you again for enriching our lives and our faith this last year. You all will be truly missed!
In Christ,
Josh Killion (with Jennifer, Gracie, Lily, and Charlee)
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