August 21st Announcements

SPECIAL VOTER’S MEETING: There will be a Special Voters Meeting held Sunday, August 29th, to renew insurance coverage for Pastor Johnson and his family for 2022. The Elders will bring forth a recommendation to the voters regarding a policy/coverage and will share cost and coverage information with the voting assembly. The meeting will be held at the start of the Sunday School hour - please plan on attending.
COMING NEXT MONTH: September Voter’s Meeting is fast approaching. This is an important meeting that includes approving the budget for 2022 and electing officers and filling vacant board positions. Please speak to a current board member or Charles Ikenberry if you are interested in volunteering and want to learn more about ways to serve your brothers and sisters at Holy Cross (and beyond) by helping on a board or committee.
CHURCH COOKOUT!  Join us at 5:00pm on Sunday, August 22nd for the church cookout!
JAN CURL FUNERAL SERVICE ONLINE: We give thanks in the midst of our sorrow that Jan has been reunited with her husband and with all the faithful who now rejoice with the prophets, apostles, angels and all the company of heaven now with Jesus. If you missed her funeral service, you can view it through through our Holy Cross page, YouTube, or Facebook.
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