A Note from Board of Education

Board of Education wanted to let Sunday School Parents know about the upcoming Lessons and Carols service on Wednesday, December 22.  

The Sunday School children have been working hard on preparing music to sing as part of the service.   We have been working on LSB 333 Once He Came in Blessing, as well as a Latin chant for Savior of the Nations Come.  It is our hope that all children (and families) will be able to be at the Lessons and Carols service to sing.  

After the service, there will be a lovely reception which will include many delicious treats as well as special music performed by students.  As in the past, any child that has an Advent selection prepared (on piano, wind instrument, string instrument, etc) can perform during the reception time.  We only ask that you please talk to Mrs. Dee by Sunday, December 19.  

And last thing, organ students need to let Kathryn Feldt know if you have an Advent prelude or postlude piece prepared and would like to play before or after the Lessons and Carols service.  

Board of Education
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