Update from Holy Cross Crucifix Committee

To the members of Holy Cross,
The voters' assembly recently tasked the Crucifix Committee with a variety of tasks, and as such, the committee has been working diligently to complete them.

As a reminder, the scope of the committee’s research includes the following items: locating a crucifix in keeping with other church architecture design, determining any necessary sanctuary modifications, planning the disposition of the existing cross, and deciding triptych location.

The committee began its work by requesting feedback from the congregation. It has also provided opportunities for continued learning and discussion regarding the benefits of locating a crucifix in the sanctuary as well as the selection of the specific crucifix. The committee is grateful to all who shared their thoughts and reached out with questions or comments.

The committee's weekly meetings have consisted of compiling congregational feedback, gathering information from other churches who have been through a similar process of adding a crucifix to their existing space, and researching companies that are able to work with our congregation to design and make a crucifix that would be unique to the chancel at Holy Cross. Additionally, they have facilitated testing the new triptych in several locations in search of a permanent place for it to reside.

At this time, the committee has started to communicate more intentionally with the organizations who can be commissioned to create a crucifix specifically for Holy Cross. The next step will be to receive artistic renderings of the congregation's space and possible options for a crucifix design from these entities. The committee members continue prayerfully to consider all the options presented and look forward to sharing them with the congregation in the proper time.

Crucifix Committee
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Stephanie Schumacher - June 27th, 2023 at 9:32am

Appreciate the multiple means of communication for updates so far! Between in person at church, physical mailed letters, announcements, email notes, and app info, it's all helpful to ensure we are getting most up to date information.