November Announcements (Summary)

BAPTISMS IN NOVEMBERThe following were welcomed into into God's family through the waters of Holy Baptism in November
  • Robert Malachi Doying (November 5th)
  • Miriam Daniella Rees (November 18th)
  • Saylor Lee Johnston (November 25th)

Dear members of Holy Cross,
I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful reception and the kind gifts we received last week for Pastor Appreciation Sunday. Ceci and I thank the Lord because of the blessing this congregation has been, always taking good care of our family. I also rejoice in that our church has remained faithful in teaching God's Word as we have been called to do. We pray the Lord will continue to bless our congregation with an eager joy to hear God's Word and true thankfulness for all that He has provided as we continue to walk in His name.
In Chrst.
Pastor Johnson

PARKING LOT: The Board of Properties is looking to form a parking lot committee of at least 4 members. If you would like to be on the committee or find out what will be involved, please speak with Juvenio Palma

NOTICE: There is a flower chart on the bulletin board for those that want to sign up to purchase flowers for the Altar. Flowers can be in memory of someone, a special occasion, or just because. The guidelines are pinned next to the chart. Thank you!

HCLC OFFICE SECRETARY: If you are interested in applying for the role of HCLC Office Secretary and/or would like to understand more about the needs to fulfill this position, please reach out to Eric Schumacher by the end of November

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