Youth Retreat on January 21st-22nd

Holy Cross is hosting a youth retreat, Christians in a Woke World, this coming Friday-Saturday, January 21-22. All youth, confirmation age and above, are encouraged to attend. Rev. Paul Dare will discuss the impact “Cultural Marxism” has had on our Christian youth, equipping our youth to find needed courage to respond in truth and love in Christ alone. Rev. Dare has been featured in a series of interviews on the national podcast Issues, Etc. regarding Christians living in a woke world. Please register online at Cost is $25. The retreats begins Friday at 5:30 p.m. Contact Pastor Johnson if you have any questions.

Adults are welcome to attend the prayer offices and presentations during the youth retreat.  A freewill donation will be accepted to help offset costs.
Friday, January 21

5:30 pm      Registration
6:30 pm      Vespers (open to public)
7:15 pm       Games / Free Time
8:30 pm      Presentation I
9:30 pm      Games / Free Time / Snacks
11:00 pm     Compline (open to public)
12:00 am     Lights Out

Saturday, January 22

 8:00 am      Breakfast
 9:00 am      Matins (open to public)
10:00 am     Presentation II
11:00 am     Ask Pastor
11:45 am     Lunch  / Clean Up
12:30 pm     Games / Free Time
 1:30 pm      Presentation III
 2:30 pm      Vespers  (open to public)
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